Taxi service in Split

Taxi service in Split is very uniqe. It’s not easy to find a taxi in Split, nothing like the yellow cabs in New York City or London’s famous black cabs. You are more likely to find them at designated taxi ranks. Taxis don’t have a common color or type, you’ll recognize them by the taxi sign (with the number) on top of the car.

Here is a link to check prices of taxi in Split and Croatia.

The simplest way to call a taxi is to dial 060 850 850 or if you own a Croatian Vip or T-Com sim card call 1777. If you’re with Tele 2, dial 021-1777. The starting fee for a taxi trip is 18kn, with a 10kn fee added per kilometre and 2.5kn added per each piece of luggage and 50kn per hour for waiting. There is no additional charge for traveling at night. Taxis wait in front of most major hotels, Firule and Križina hospitals, at the ferry port, at the main bus station and near the Riva. Be sure to ask in advance what the cost is.

If you are arriving from the airpoert. A taxi to Split centre (ferry port or Diocletian’s Palace) takes a bit over 30 min and costs about 270-300 kn (35-40€) on the meter, though most drivers will agree on 220-250 kn (30-35€) if asked in advance ,taxi prices. If your transfering to a ferry tell the driver the ferry departure time so he can rush if neccesary. Most of the taxis have a preorder option for a cheaper price. For 0-24 coverage you have lots of options.

If you’re staying somewhere close to Diocletian’s Palace, then the best idea would be to walk to your accommodation – even if you do have luggage. It’s a short walk from the bus to the Riva (Split’s main, seafront promenade), with the Diocletian’s Palace area just behind it.

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