Gawp At An Adriatic Sunset on Split Riva

Adriatic Sunset

Gawp At An Adriatic Sunset on Split Riva… Split’s focal embankment, officially titled Obala Hrvatskog Narodnog Preporoda, the Riva is where the city meets over coffee. As the sun moves across the sky, and thoughts turn to the night ahead, customers on the dozen or so café terraces tend to start ordering stiff drinks rather than coffee. This is just the time to sneak into the Diocletian’s Palace behind and find yourself at a bar. Although somewhat basic in appearance, its advantage is equally simple: a scattering of bar tables set outside, immediately above the Riva. Find one by the three Roman-era arches (hence its local nickname, ‘Tri Volta’), and you get a perfect view of the sun setting over the Adriatic.

Order up a cheap, cold beer, maybe a signature doorstep sandwich of prosciutto and cheese, and take in the last of the day’s rays.

Not thirsty? Then grab a peaceful bench under the palms across from bustling cafes to enjoy a good book, soak up the sun or simply sit and stare.

Adriatic Sunset

Because one riva in Split simply wasn’t enough space for Dalmatians to relax they renovated the strip along the west side all the way to the marina providing a closer look at those fabulous yachts and sailboats as well as a spectacular view of Diocletian’s Palace and the old city. Aside from the nautical themed cafe bars and restaurants such as F Marineand F de Mar, the new riva offers a gas station for boats to refuel and a walk of fame where 73 Olympic medalists left their marks with name plaques installed in the stone walkway. Oversized benches and lounge chairs even make sunbathing by day and stargazing by night a possibility on the new riva. Although they share the same name, these separate stretches of the riva provide a unique experience of nothing in Split.

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Obala Hrvatskog narodnog preporoda
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