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Anyone traveling to the city of Split will no doubt know about the history of Diocletian’s Palace. It has long dominated the city center of Split, even in ancient times when the city was known as Salona. But the palace today is just as magnificent as it always has been. There is so much to explore within and around it, that it may very dominate the way that you experience the city as a whole. This guide will give you some useful tips on how to explore the gates of Diocletian’s Palace.

Some people may not realize that there are actually four different gates that lead to the entrance of this palace area. This speaks to the immense size of the structure and the way that it rises up from the center of the city. If you are traveling to this destination, then you will likely want to experience all of them. Many tourists decide to see the Bronze Gate first, since it is one of the best preserved. It leads to the basement area of the facility where Diocletian would have hosted banquets for his guests. All other areas of the palace can be connected from this location, making it an ideal way to start your journey through here.

The Silver gate can also be very popular for many tourists, because it is conveniently located adjacent to the produce market in the downtown area of Split. You can buy vegetables and other products from the locals if you would like to sample some local cuisine. This may make it the perfect way to leave the palace, since you can buy items on your way out. Just be sure to avoid most of the night traffic that tends to congregate here.
Finally, be sure that you see the Gold and Iron gates before you leave the palace area. There is a large statue dedicated to the 9th century Saint known as Gregorius of Nin. This entire structure comprises a large historical heritage site for the city and all of Croatia.

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