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See How The Romans Lived – Before Split developed, the biggest communal hub here was at Salona, the provincial capital in Roman times when it was a city of 60,000 people. What there is to see today is the remains of an amphitheater, the public baths and the old city gates, all near the modern-day settlement of Solin about 5km north of Split. Salona was destroyed by Avar and Slav forces – its residents fled to Split and hid inside the Diocletian’s Palace. How they lived can be discovered by a visit to the unsung Archaeological Museum, halfway between the National Theatre and Poljud Stadium. A rare collection of mosaics and everyday objects gives you some idea of local life in the first millennium AD. There are also finds from the Ancient Greek and Early Christian eras, even Neolithic artefacts dug up from around the Dalmatian hinterland.
Romans lived
The ruins of Salona, capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia. Originally, Salona was a city that was inhabited by Illyrian tribe Delmati, more then 2200 years ago. After falling into the hands of the Romans, 50 BC, Salona became the Capital of Dalmatia. At its peak, it had about 60,000 inhabitants, paved streets and squares, temples, baths, theater and amphitheatre (also visible today). The city was surrounded by walls as a protection against the barbarians. Unfortunately, the city was conquered by barbarians, Salona was destroyed, and the people fled to Split. Come with us to explore the cultural and historical heritage of Croatia. We will show You the old town, amphitheatre, basilica and baptistery.

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