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Best chocolate in the world

Taking a trip to Split and not trying a Nadaline chocolate is like being in Paris and not seeing Eiffel tower. Nadalina, a range of unique, Dalmatian-flavored chocolate that have become something of a cult purchase in recent years. It contain 70% cocoa solids and a range of this-could-only-be-Dalmatia flavors such as carob, lavender (far tastier than it sounds), dried fig and proseco dessert wine. The retail outlet on Dioklecijanova also sells truffles and pralines by weight, alongside jars of chocolate spread for those whose chocolate cravings begin at breakfast time. One of Nadalina’s best-selling items is a piece of chocolate in the form of a 7-inch single (featuring retro Italian hit Guarda che Luna), which can actually be played on a turntable prior to eating.

Marinko Biskic is a well-known individual to people of Dalmatia. This resident of Split has his own chocolate factory called Nadalina, and became famous for his unique dessert designs (including, but not limited to, a chocolate featuring prosciutto meat). He also received wide world attention when his musical band published a single on a fully-functional long play record made of chocolate. What is his latest witty experiment? The chocolate Peristyle, of course!
Nadalina Chocolate
Let’s start the story from the beginning. This year, Nadalina celebrates 25 sweet years of existence. Such an occasion couldn’t go without the newest biskicism. In order to celebrate a full quarter of century in business, the confectioner turned the heart of Split historical core, the ancient square of Peristyle, into a gigantic chocolate bar. The resulting chocolate had more than 100 square meters in size. It was one centimeter thick, had 70% pure cocoa and precisely 902 squares of pure choco-satisfaction. Nadalina’s operating team was installing the gargantuan confectionary monster for the entire previous night, but final result was indeed something special. Thousands of people gathered to try at least one small piece of the Chocolate Peristyle. Every slice was perfect, the fact that made Marinko Biskic very happy and proud.

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