Peristyle Square (Peristil) in central Split

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Peristyle Square – One sight that should not be left off of any travelers list is the Peristyle Square (Peristil) located in central Split. This city is notable for housing the expansive palace of Diocletian that draws in many visitors from around the world. The Peristyle Square is actually part of this palace, forming a courtyard area that leads to the entrance way. It would be hard to miss for anyone who has come to the famous palace ruins that dominate this modern city.

Peristyle SquareThough the original Roman architecture is gone, the citizens here rebuilt the area long ago in a similar style. The area used to be the formal entrance way that guided visitors into the hall of Diocletian’s palace. It is fitting then that the citizens of Split have decided to utilize this area to showcase their own bars and boutiques. The new renovations are still likely to impress visitors, having been built as a tribute to the Roman peristyle architecture.

Even the structures themselves speak to the history of this vibrant city. Many of the columns and walls are formed from marble harvested from Brac, a nearby mining island. Other marble has been imported from areas of Italy and Egypt over the course of many years. You can find many fascinating artifacts, including a black sphinx that was taken from Egypt by Diocletian’s army centuries ago. It is truly a living and evolving testament to the city’s historical and prestigious past.

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