Veli Varos Neighbourhood

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Veli Varos Neighbourhood – Travelers from all over the world may be looking to spend a few days in Split soon. They will likely have heard about the Diocletian’s palace and a number of other top destinations in the city. But they may not be familiar with what can be seen in the Veli Varos neighbourhood. This is a quaint section of the city that has been predominantly working class throughout much of its history. But it does have an incredible amount of historical and cultural charm to it that seems to attract many new visitors each year. If you are headed to Split, you may want to read up on what can be found in this section of the city.
Veli Varos Neighbourhood
Many sections of this area have houses that date back centuries. There is even a small stone church here that was created in the 11th century for some of the earliest inhabitants. It is a local landmark and a testimony to the history of Christian culture within the city of Split. You can take a look around this section of the city to get an idea of how life has been for most residents of Split. This is an honest look at what it really means to be a citizen of this storied history.

Those of you with an interest in architecture are also likely to be fascinated by this small neighborhood. There are fantastic examples of historical architecture from a number of different time periods. You can almost see how the city of Split has gradually grown outwards throughout its centuries long history. It is a common pattern for working class citizens of a city to build their homes in an outward pattern. You can essentially see some of the earliest foundations of suburban life that has been present here for years. It is very interesting to get a feel for how life must have been like for medieval peasants living around Split.

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