Towed away

Towed away in Split

You are being towed away in Split. As evidenced by the empty parking spot that your car previously occupied and that equally empty feeling you have down in the pit of your stomach, you obviously didn’t heed our request to respect the parking laws of Split. Your car has been towed away by what we refer to in English as the, ahem, tow-truck to the car impound at Pujanke bb (F-2) (Map of service), so you’ll need to shell out 750 – 1350 kn to retrieve it. Cash or credit cards are accepted and the office is open around the clock.

Phone number:  +385 21 37 68 48

Some tips for good parking:

  • Don’t park where you don’t see the parking sign
  • Even if you see cars with local plates parked there, don’t test the towing service’s patience
  • Don’t block any kind of traffic, including passage for pedestrians, and you might be safe
  • Park on payed parking spots

When you notice that car is not on the spot where you left it, it’s pretty possible that it’s been towed away. In Croatia, usual term for towing truck is “pauk”, meaning “spider”, because of the lift. To be sure, call service’s contact number (above in the text), they work 24/7. Or you can go to the nearest police station, and they will check it for you. The third option is to jusk ask anyone passing by or in the nearest cafe or store for assistance, just in case the operator doesn’t speak any other language but Croatian. People will help you, in most cases.

If you have bigger car, like van, camper, stretch limo or something like that, don’t feel like you’re safe from being towed. They will block your wheels with clamps, and you will need to call same number to unclamp it.

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