Weather in Split

Weather in Split and Dalmatia

Weather in Split… Split has a typical coastal Mediterranean climate, hot and dry in the summer (average temperature is around 26°C/79°F) and warm and rainy in the winter (minimum temperatures are around 4°C/39°F). The ideal time to visit Split is in late April or early May, although mid-autumn is also a very good time period meteorologically. During the early fall, however, the city may be more crowded with European tourists enjoying the seaside, but the water will be warmer for beach trips.

When is the best time to visit Split from the point of weather conditions? If you are not tied to school holidays, the best time to visit Split Dalmatiain is during the “intermediate period” in months of May/June and September/October. In these months you can expect pleasant sunny days ideal for swimming and sunbathing, with all the tourist services fully operational but without the crowds.

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  1. Disu

    When is the best time to visit Split ?

    Anytime… 🙂
    but Summer mostly…

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