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Split accommodation

Find the cheapest accommodation in Split… Quality budget accommodation has become more available in Split in the last couple of years but it’s mostly comprised of hostels. Private accommodation is a good option and in summer you may be deluged at the bus station by women offering sobe (rooms available). Make sure you are clear about the exact location of the room or you may find yourself several bus rides from the town centre. The best thing to do is to book through one of the travel agencies, but there is little available within the heart of the old town

Here is a list of couple of good and cheap web agencies to find an accommodation for you self:

AIRBNB – it is becoming one of the largest accommodation rental agency. One of the leading American vacation rental platforms with an inventory of more than 2,000,000 listings in more than 200 countries. The majority of Airbnb properties are shared rooms, entire homes or apartments, and private rooms, however, cabins, villas, castles and other unique accommodations are also available to vacationers. Sign up through this link and get up to 22€ bonus after hosting a trip.

Through our website we are offering our visitors possibility to find cheapest accommodation in Split. This search box compare all accommodations (hotels, apartments, private rooms, villas, hostels) and shows the comparison prices for each internet agency.
In this search fields you can find cheapest accommodation to stay in Split:

You can search page trough our site and try to see what are the prices in Split:

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